Protecting your vulnerable family members through guardianship

One of the greatest worries Canadian citizens experience is fear of their loved ones becoming mentally incapacitated. Along with the worry they feel about caring for these family members, they also experience concern about providing property protection to these most vulnerable of Canadian residents. While many citizens prepare for the possibility of becoming mentally incapacitated by creating powers of attorney, others do not, leaving their family members responsible for their estates.

One of the most common questions Canadian lawyers hear is what can be done to protect vulnerable family members like elderly parents or grandparents. A good answer is to consider establishing a guardianship to empower an individual to make financial decisions for your loved one. Having an individual named as a guardian is not quite a simple matter; there are legal aspects that need to be addressed. However, a lawyer can answer any questions you may have about the process and help you get started.

Here are a few things to think about going forward.

-- Identify which areas your loved one can no longer manage: financial matters, health care decisions or both

-- Consider who might be best to serve in the role of guardian: yourself, a family member or a third party

-- Remember that the process of establishing someone to make medical decisions is different than establishing guardianship over financial decisions

The law office of Lunny Atmore serves the Vancouver, BC, area with legal guidance while making estate and family decisions. You can learn more about guardianships in Canada by reviewing our comprehensive web pages. You can also reach out to us for information that is more specific to your family's particular needs.

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