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Powerful legal tools for incapacity planning in British Columbia

You do not want to think about it and your family certainly does not want to, but incapacity can happen whether you like it or not. This can affect not just your physical capabilities but your ability to make decisions as well. Isn't it best to prepare for the possibility instead of ignoring it?

How do discretionary trusts differ from non-discretionary trusts?

When it is time to create an estate plan, you will be faced with many important decisions regarding the resources available to you. Choosing the right resources, or tools, ensures that your loved ones are able to access your assets as quickly as possible. One such tool many British Columbia citizens choose is a trust.

Tips to keep your family out of estate litigation after you pass

Most citizens in the Vancouver area do not want their loved ones to suffer unnecessarily after they pass away. This is especially evident in those who have taken the time to work on estate planning. However, if the deceased's wills and other legal documents are left unclear, estate disputes can occur despite the work put into planning.

A brief look at the British Columbia Adult Guardianship Act

The protection of vulnerable adults in British Columbia is a serious issue for family members and the law alike. The Adult Guardianship Act exists because of the need for this protection and it is a very powerful tool concerned family members can use to acquire support for loved ones.

How do I determine the right guardian for my elder family member?

In these more contemporary times, many adult citizens of Vancouver, British Columbia, plan for the possibility of incapacity by appointing someone to represent them ahead of time. Assuming that your elder loved one has not taken this step, you are right to ask questions about guardianship in Canada. In legal terms, a guardianship is known as a committeeship, but the meaning is the same. This person will be responsible for making financial and property decisions if the ward cannot do so on his or her own.

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