Information about dying without a will in British Columbia

People choose not to make a will for many reasons. Perhaps they do not think they have enough of an estate to bother. Or maybe they simply have not yet gotten around to estate planning. Other times, creating an estate plan has just never been something the person has thought about. Whatever the reason, dying intestate can be problematic for the loved ones left behind.

In almost all situations, a person who dies leaves behind at least some property that must be administered. There are also many legal issues left behind that must be settled. Family members who are probably already suffering grief over the person's death may not be emotionally equipped to handle such a task alone. You can prevent this extra hardship by making a plan to guide your loved ones through the process of administering your estate after you die.

If your loved one has already died without leaving a will, there are steps that must be taken. These include applying for Letters of Administration to settle the estate and making important decisions about the estate's assets and liabilities. In some cases, the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia might step in and take on estate administration if no family member is able to do so. However, this may not be the best solution for the heirs to the estate.

Another solution is working with a lawyer. This empowers the decedent's potential heirs to have a say over what happens with the estate. Guidance from a lawyer also means having a qualified party take on much of the legal legwork necessary to administer the estate properly. In a time of grief, many people appreciate having someone to lean on for advice. Please take a look at our web page on dying intestate if you need additional information.

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