Real estate mogul's daughter not entitled to Maple Leafs tickets

Apparently, it is so hard to acquire season tickets for Toronto's hockey team, the Maple Leafs, keeping them is worth estate litigation. The daughter of deceased real estate mogul, Chaim Neuberger, has lost her claim to the Leafs season tickets held in her father's name. The case was heard and decided a year ago, but was only made public earlier this month. A judge found that the tickets were held by her father in trust for his company, Nuspor.

Reportedly, the season tickets were acquired in the late 1960s or early 1970s. At the time, Neuberger and his business partner, Harry Sporer, were unable to put the tickets under the corporate name. As a solution, they were placed in Neuberger's name, according to testimony given by Sporer.

The daughter's attorney said in an email that his client believed the seats were an estate asset to be shared by Mr. Neuberger's family. However, Nuspar produced evidence proving the company had paid for the tickets since 1994.

At this time it is unknown how much the tickets are worth or where the seats are located. According to the news story, season tickets for the Maple Leafs are extremely difficult to acquire, with over 10,000 people on the wait list for seats.

When planning their estates, many people do not realize that items like season tickets, airline miles and even rewards points can be valuable assets. This case reveals how important it is to think about anything that could be of value when estate planning. If in doubt, it is a good idea to bring up these seemingly ordinary possessions when planning your estate with a British Columbia lawyer.

Source: The Star, "Daughter of real estate mogul loses legal battle over Maple Leafs tickets," Geoffrey Vendeville, June 09, 2016

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