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Planning helps to minimize estate litigation

Planning for the end of a life can be a daunting task. Most British Columbia residents cannot be blamed for avoiding the topic of mortality, but estate planning is still an extremely important part of late-life planning that should not be ignored. In fact, the point of estate planning is at least partially to help one's family carve through difficult, sometimes contentious feelings that can accompany a death or prolonged illness. The more clearly a plan is articulated in legal terms, the less room there is for emotion to lead to estate litigation

Keeping estate plan up to date to avoid estate litigation

Estate planning can be a challenging task, but that does not diminish its importance. Having a comprehensive estate plan in order can bring peace of mind to the estate holder and can help to avoid estate litigation farther down the line. However, major life changes can happen at any time, and some of them may require the estate holder to revisit their plan, their will and other late-life documentation. Keeping an British Columbia estate plan up to date is a very important part of the planning process. 

Treating children differently may avoid estate litigation

Estate planning is a serious business that plays an important role in the late life of any individual. Here in British Columbia, residents have an investment in avoiding estate litigation both before and after their passing. One way to ensure a smooth transition in estate planning is to pay careful consideration to children who may need to be treated differently from their siblings. 

Avoiding estate litigation through plan revision

It is easy to think of an estate plan as a one-time document that, once drafted, can be safely set aside until it is needed. However, British Columbia residents may already know this is not the case. Many estate litigation professionals recommend updating an estate plan periodically, and definitely if major life changes have taken place. The following are examples of some of these life changes. 

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