Choosing executors part of estate planning

For many people, the thought of dealing with late-life planning can be uncomfortable. Certainly, for some British Columbia residents, planning for one's own mortality is a difficult subject. However, estate planning is an extremely important issue for the aging population, and drafting wills, choosing executors and other preparatory exercises are necessary to ensure the wishes of estate holders are carried out accurately. 

One of the most common missteps in estate planning occurs when the estate holder keeps his or her will a secret. While it might not be the most comfortable topic to discuss, it is important for estate holders to communicate their wishes to the people who will be taking care of the estate, including executors and trustees. Having this discussion early on in the process helps to facilitate estate planning because wishes can be communicated effectively and calmly before a family is in "crisis mode." 

Choosing an executor of the estate is also a major decision to make. The job of executor is important and complicated, and the individual the estate holder chooses to appoint must be prepared for the responsibilities that come with the role. Seeking the support of an estate lawyer during this process is also valuable, as an attorney can advise on the decision. 

Ultimately, estate planning is an experience unique to the estate holder. Appointing executors, drafting wills and all the other important work that goes into estate planning can be daunting, as some British Columbia residents can attest. Thankfully, support exists for those planning for late life, and utilizing that support can smooth the road toward an effective estate plan. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "5 Tips To Get Your Estate Plan In Order", Cindy Crean, April 5, 2017

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