Choosing executors of a will

The will is often regarded as the last word in estate planning documentation. Most British Columbia residents understand that a will is meant to convey the last wishes of the estate holder and ensure those wishes are legally binding. Choosing executors to oversee the implementation of those last wishes is an extremely important part of the estate planning process as well. 

Understandably, the trustworthiness of a potential executor is of primary importance in choosing an individual to fill that role. An executor is trusted with a great deal of responsibility in the event of the estate holder's death, so it is often recommended that a close friend or family member be chosen. Often, estate holders will choose a spouse as the executor of their will, but what happens if the spouse dies before the estate holder? 

To handle this potential issue, some people choose an adult child as a successor executor to take over in case the primary passes away. In this case, it is sometimes beneficial to assign the role to more than one child, if possible. This creates a system of checks and balances to ensure no one individual holds too much power over the estate. 

Ultimately, estate planning is a complicated endeavour, and choosing executors of the estate is a large part of the process. British Columbia residents looking to plan their estates may benefit from the support of an experienced estate attorney in drafting wills and other important documents. The lawyer can also be counted upon to offer advice as to the naming of an executor to ensure the estate holder's last wishes are carried out as intended. 

Source: tapinto.net, "How to Choose an Executor of Your Will", Anthony Enea, May 27, 2017

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