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Wealthy families at risk of estate litigation

Estate planning can be a complicated process for any estate holder, especially those with considerable assets to disseminate upon their death. But what happens when an adult child intended to be a beneficiary is deemed a "black sheep" of the family? British Columbia families that do not handle these issues carefully can open themselves up to potential estate litigation

Executors just one part of estate planning

Many people believe that estate planning is the province of the elderly, something to be undertaken when late life looms. The fact of the matter is, however, that most attorneys advise British Columbia residents to start thinking about estate planning far earlier, especially for those who have families. While assigning executors and trustees are important, they make up just one facet of the overall estate plan. 

Avoiding estate litigation in high-asset estates

Estate planning is an important life step for all Canadians, regardless of their economic standing. An estate plan, as some British Columbia residents are already aware, sets out guidelines for all late-life planning, including how assets will be disseminated, how minor children are to be cared for and much more. For the very rich, however, the question of asset division becomes extremely important, since the mortality of the estate holder will eventually trigger a transfer of assets, regardless whether a plan exists for its dissemination. In order to avoid costly estate litigation for the family, it is important to be prepared in advance. 

Husband convicted of wife's murder prolongs estate litigation

It is not uncommon for a spouse and other extended family to be in conflict over an estate. But what happens when a spouse is responsible for the death of his or her husband or wife? After being found guilty of second degree murder in the death of his common law wife, a British Columbia man is acting as his own legal representative in estate litigation with his late wife's family.

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