Tips for picking executors

Picking the right person to carry out a will is a difficult and important decision for an estate planner. An executor will be tasked with an immense amount of responsibility once the person whose will they are executing passes away. British Columbia estate planners and their executors should be fully aware of these tasks and responsibilities when they enter into this arrangement. 

There are a few characteristics executors should possess in order to carry out their responsibilities in a proper manner. The first of these is continuity. Picking an executor who is old or ill could be a bad idea as that person may be likely to predecease the estate planner. Choosing to involve a lawyer or company with several employees and backups can help to mitigate any possible issues like this ahead of time.

An executor should also be accessible for all the tasks needed to maintain and execute an estate. Those who are planning for an estate with the majority of assets and beneficiaries in British Columbia should look for a person in the same province. Additionally, understanding of legal issues, taxes and overall experience should be considered, especially when hiring someone to administer an estate.

Overall, executors must be trusted by those creating estate plans. Their skills and motives should be vetted, and they should understand exactly what they are expected to do once the planner becomes incapacitated. Those who are looking for information or services related to picking an executor in British Columbia can seek legal insight from a lawyer.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, "How to Choose the Right Executor for Your Will", Jim T. Miller, Accessed on Feb. 2, 2018

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